• ADDRESS: PO Box 90956, Los Angeles, CA 90009
  • centurycitydst@gmail.com


Live Theatre

Live Theatre provides cultural experiences in live music, dance and drama to the youth of Baldwin Hills Elementary School. Our production of Little Red Riding Hood at the Storybook Theatre was a huge success!

Healthy Lifestyles

A collaborative Healthy Lifestyles initiative, Century City Alumnae participated in AIDS Walk LA to raise awareness and funds for this epidemic still prevalent in the African American community. We finished the 10K (6.2 miles) as the temperature rose to nearly 90 degrees!

Delta Diner

A Membership Internal Development activity to help promote fun, fellowship, and bonding!

ISP Book Chat

An evening filled with an engaging, enlightening, and interactive discussion about the book “I Laugh So I Won’t Cry: Kenya’s Women Tell the Stories of Their Lives” and a sampling of some traditional Kenyan foods. Donations of books for youth ages 13-18 and sanitary napkins for young girls were collected in support of our partnership