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Thank you for your patience and the opportunity to gather all the necessary information to make sound decisions for our March events.  
Due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the ban issued by Mayor Garcetti , our March 14, 2020 general body meeting is cancelled.   In addition, we received an email from the City of Culver City highly suggesting that meetings consisting of 50 members or more also be cancelled or rescheduled at this time.
As to our Sisterhood month activities: March 13th  Paint and Sip, March 15th Church Worship and March 22nd  Chapter Anniversary Brunch have been postponed.
The Membership Development Service committee will reschedule these events.  
Please remain calm during this time and keep the message going: remind others to wash their hands, cough in their elbow, check their surroundings, and be prepared.  Finally, please check on your elders!
We protect our community, organization and ourselves by using common sense.  Stay safe!

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2020 Dollars for Dues D9 (1)

Census mailings to homes begins March 12-20.  In the mailing you will find a specific user-names and/or passcodes unique to your household. 

  • There are several waves of mailings, they include:
    • March 16-March 24
    • March 26-April 3
    • April 8-April 16 (final reminders to complete the census)
    • Final reminder in late April 
    • Mid May-Mid June is the closing window for the census. THIS IS WHEN DOOR KNOCKERS WILL COMMENCE THEIR PROCESS household to household. 
  • The census can be completed online OR via telephone using the unique log on credentials mailed to you.
  • YOU MUST COMPLETE THE CENSUS IN ONE SESSION or you will have to start over from the beginning. 
  • The mailing WILL NOT be addressed to you or your partner.  It will be addressed to “resident.” PLEASE be mindful as you sift through your mail in the coming days. 
  • There is only ONE CENSUS form to be turned in for the ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD!
  • If you DO NOT receive the mailing, go to www.my2020census.gov to complete the census online. 
  • The National Urban League has a sample census form on its website https://nul.org/make-black-count.
  • The census can be completed online OR via telephone using your unique log on credentials.  
  • Once you complete the census you will receive confirmation of your submission. 
  • If you have college aged children that live ON CAMPUS they should connect with their school to determine what the school’s action plan is for those living in dorms to complete the census.  
    • If the student attends a commuter school and still lives at home with you, include them in the count in on your households’ census.
  • You DO NOT need to be a citizen of the US to be counted in the census, only a resident. 
  • If all else fails re: your engagement with the census you can call 1-888-count20 for live help 24/7.